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Five people arrested for kidnapping, three are Cancun police

Cancun, Q.R. — The Deputy Attorney General for Investigation of Organized Crime says that five people have been arrested in the kidnapping of four Colombians in December 2017.

They reported that three of the five arrested are active Cancun police officers. The Deputy Attorney says that the three Cancun police officers were arrested Tuesday when they arrived for work.

All three of the officers are said to have belonged to the Secretariat of Public Safety and Transit unit of Cancun. They were immediately taken to Mexico City for questioning on the death and disappearance of the Colombian nationals.

They will be heard by La Seido, the Specialized Subprocuracy of the jurisdiction who hears crimes committed by members of organized crime.  No further details were given on the arrest of the Cancun municipal police officers.

The statement adds that “Every public servant is subject in an unrestricted manner to the fulfillment of the law and, in this case, they must assume the responsibilities for their act, especially if they are criminal acts”.

The Cancun police officers arrested are Ulises “N”, Nabil Josué “N” and Saydi Oyuki “N” for the alleged kidnapping of four Colombian citizens. The police are alleged to have illegally arrested the four and delivered them to a criminal group linked to the Jalisco Cartel.

The ongoing investigation also included the arrest of two other individuals in Mexico City. The Criminal Investigation Agency reported that Masayoshi “N” and Nathali “N” of Colombian nationality, have also been arrested in the linked kidnapping involving the Cancun police officers.

The Colombian government has frequently criticized the Mexico justice system for not having arrested anyone in the death and disappearance of its citizens.

The body of only one of the Colombians has ever been found. The other three remain missing.