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Forensic reports say Sharp family died from gas asphyxiation 

Tulum, Quintana Roo — The Attorney General’s Office for the state of Quintana Roo says autopsy findings rule the cause of death of an American family was toxic poisoning.

The report says that all four members of the Sharp family, who were vacationing in Akumal in the municipality of Tulum, died from asphyxiation of toxic gas. All four members of the Sharp family were found deceased in their Akumal condominium Friday afternoon.

The discovery of the bodies came after the family was reported missing when they failed to return to the US on March 21 as planned. Family members began contacting consulate services in the US and Mexico in an attempt to locate them.

Police arrived at their rented Akumal condominium on Friday to find all four inside. No foul play was detected, however some media outlets hinted at a possible suicide.

The Attorney General’s Office reports asphyxiation from toxic gas as the cause of death, ruling out a violent event and the media rumors of suicide.

The Directorate of Civil Protection of the City of Tulum released a public statement that their personnel, along with local fireman and forensic experts, have completed a physical inspection of the gas system installed throughout the condominium.

A full report on their findings is expected to be released in 10 days.

The Sharp family had rented a Tao condominium in the small seaside town of Akumal, outside the popular town of Tulum. They had rented the unit from March 14 to 21 and were expected to arrive back in Iowa on March 21. Family said that was their second trip to Mexico.