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Four dead, 25 arrested in Mexico City drug bust

Mexico City, Mexico — Four dead and 25 arrested was the balance Tuesday after an operation against drug dealing in Mexico City.

Just a few hours before, the head of government, José Ramón Amieva said that he would face groups of drug dealers linked to national cartels.

During that same afternoon, a police deployment against theft and drug dealing led to a confrontation between vendors and policemen that started the Coyoacán delegation and ended in Iztapalapa.

The gang members fled in two vehicles, but later abandoned one. According to reports, police caught up with the men on Tláhuac Avenue and Jacobo Watt Street. One of the armed men inside the car began shooing at police.

The gun fire was returned, which resulted in two being killed. While tow trucks arrived to assist police in removing the abandoned car, nearby gang members on motorcycles opened fire again, resulting in two more gang member deaths.

The confrontation provoked an intense police mobilization that caused the partial closing of Tláhuac Avenue. The Culhuacán station of the Metro also remained closed. Police cordoned off additional areas to zone in on the gang members.

The drug bust began at 6:00 p.m. and by 8:15 p.m., police reported the death of four and arrest of 25 gang members. Police also came away with two vehicles that were reported stolen along with 16 motorcycles and five firearms.