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Gang head of drugs, weapons in Guadalajara arrested

Zapopan, Jalisco — Elements of the Agency of Criminal Investigation and the Secretariat of the National Defense have arrested a man they say is a distributor of drugs and weapons in Guadalajara. They say he is also a suspect in the recent attack against a former Jalisco attorney general.

Police personnel from the Criminal Investigation Agency have arrested Emilio Alexandro N in Zapopan, Jalisco, who they believe is a member of a criminal organization that operates in the state.

In a press conference, the general director of Police Investigation, Emilio Garcia Ruiz, reported that the subject is related to the criminal cell that, on May 21 of this year, attempted harm against Luis Carlos Najera Gutiérrez De Velazco, former Jalisco Attorney General.

García Ruiz explained that the capture of Pinedo Arias significantly affects the distribution of drugs and weapons in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara and the communication network of the main structure of the criminal group.

He noted that a search warrant was completed in two homes in the municipality of Zapopan, and in one of them they found and arrested Emilio Alexandro N.

During his arrest, police confiscated luxury vehicles, a weapon and cartridges as well as one kilo of methamphetamine and 162 doses of it packaged and ready for street sales along with marijuana.

Emilio Alexandro will be held in preventative detention at the Federal Center for Social Readaptation in Puente Grande, Jalisco for at least two months while prosecutors work on the investigation.