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Gang members that rob public transport passengers arrested in State of Mexico

Tecámac, State of Mexico — Several members of a group who call themselves The Toxic, have been arrested after numerous complaints on social media.

The band of assailants Los Tóxicos have been detained in Tecámac after complaints made in social networks. The group has become known for assaulting and robbing people on public transportation systems. After the complaints, the information helped police locate and arrest several of its members.

The Toxic gang was dedicated to assaulting and robbing public transport passengers in the municipalities of Tecámac and Zumpango in the state of Mexico.

Eight members of Los Tóxicos were captured and brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office to later be transferred to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico and determine their legal status.

In a video that went viral on social networks, two individuals are seen climbing in a public combi van and in less than a couple of minutes, left after they stripped those inside the van of their personal belongings at gun point.