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Google teams up with the National Electoral Institute of Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — Google and the National Electoral Institute of Mexico have signed a deal that will serve as an aid for Mexican nationals in the upcoming July elections.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) announced Sunday an agreement signed with Google that will provide Mexican citizens with search candidate information, maps to locate voting boxes, instructions on how to vote, transmit live candidate debates through YouTube as well as allow them to receive notifications so they do not forget to vote July 1.

INE says the agreement, which is not a contract, was signed March 27. They say that since it is an agreement and not a contract, no financial resources are involved. INE also says that the collaboration “does not imply, in any way, sharing or making use of personal data held by any of the parties.”

As previously informed by the INE’s president Lorenzo Córdova, the agreement includes the transmission of the presidential debates through the YouTube platform.

They say their goal is to strengthen democracy by making the most relevant information about this year’s elections accessible by putting it in the hands of citizens through their mobile devices.

Their agreement also states that Google will be able to circulate the Preliminary Electoral Results of the election through PREP.

Official campaigning for the new President of Mexico began March 30. The 2018 presidential candidates include Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Ricardo Anaya, José Antonio Meade and Margarita Zavala. The new president of Mexico will be announced July 1.

The elections will also include voting for 128 new senator positions and 500 deputies of the Lower House across Mexico.