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Government of Mexico, Pemex vow to fight huachicoleos

Mexico City, Mexico — After decades of fuel theft, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) said the new strategy of the government of Mexico to end theft is effective, adding that they will not back down from the huachicoleos.

“We will continue implementing the necessary measures to put an end to this scourge by reinforcing the vigilance and care of our facilities as well as in the 1,600 kilometers of the country’s six main pipelines.

“Likewise, we will continue executing the alternative distribution plan for pipes until the supply is regularized,” the company said in a statement.

The refineries, storage and dispatch terminals continue to supply 800,000 barrels of gasoline daily to ensure compliance with the demand required throughout the country.

“We exhort the communities through which the pipelines pass to collaborate with the company that belongs to all Mexicans, with their denunciation and that they are not accomplices of these illicit activities.

“Petróleos Mexicanos and the Government of Mexico recognize the support provided by citizens in the new measures implemented in the logistics of fuel supply, a situation that will be normalized in the short term and that will bring benefits for all,” they explained.

The company also thanked the workers, especially the hauliers, “that every day, since the Joint Plan of Attention to Strategic Facilities was implemented, have made an exceptional effort in collaborating with streamlining the supply of fuel.”

“The Government of Mexico, its institutions, society and workers of Pemex will end corruption and impunity. We will not be accomplices in the theft of hydrocarbons. We call on all members of society to join the Joint Plan to End Fuel Theft.

“Together we will rescue our energy sovereignty,” they concluded.

The move comes with the new president after decades of fuel theft. Huachicoleos, those who steal fuel for a living, continually tap Pemex pipelines to access the fuel and then sell it. In some instances, fires and deaths are the result of the illegal taps, however, the company also reports losses of millions of liters of fuel each year.