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Government of Nuevo León urging Mexican citizens not travel to US via Tamaulipas

Nuevo León — Due to insecurity, the government of Nuevo Leon is urging Mexican citizens to not travel to the United States by way of Tamaulipas.

The acting governor of Nuevo Leon, Manuel González Flores, has published recommendations to the citizens of the state to not travel to the United States by way Reynosa, Tamaulipas for their Easter holidays. He says that for those who do choose to travel that route, they need to do so with much caution.

González Flores says that when it comes to the state, “right now it has many problems” in terms of security.

“The first recommendation that, as governor of Nuevo León I make to the citizens, is not to travel to the United States through Reynosa. We have precise and very good coordination with the authorities of Tamaulipas, yes, but within the state of Nuevo León, we do not have that level of coordination,” he explained.

He said that the Public Security Secretariat of the State and the new prosecutors, regardless of whether they are autonomous, are very united and coordinated as are the three levels of government to face insecurity.

“But my first recommendation is not to travel on that bridge (Reynosa-McAllen) or through that city to the United States. We have much better security reports on the road to Nuevo Laredo,” said the interim governor.

Also, vacationers who usually travel to the beaches of Matamoros and Tampico for Easter, Gonzalez Flores asked “to be careful in their travels.”

“Tamaulipas is a state that has many problems right now. What we want is to collaborate with them. We are coordinated with them, and to our citizens we recommend that if you travel to those destinations be very careful.”

The advisory comes the day after government officials report Mexican Navy officers being ambushed by criminal gang members, resulting in at least five Navy officer deaths.