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Government troops deliver food, supplies to Sinaloa flood victims

Sinaloa — Helicopters from the Attorney General’s Office continue to bring food and medical supplies to flood victims after the region suffered a massive rainfall.

All three levels of government have made relief efforts to help the victims of the widespread flooding that occurred recently in the state of Sinaloa. The attorney general says that over the past two days, helicopters have brought food and personal supplies to those stranded and will continue to do so until basic services are restored.

The General Directorate of Air Services of the PGR says they are using their trained public servants and the necessary aircraft to tend to victims 24 hours a day, using night vision equipment to transport people and supplies any time they are needed to any destination.

The Federal Government said that although the initial emergency in Sinaloa was over, it was the worst flooding they’ve seen in more than 50 years. Tropical depression 19 -E brought rains that delivered approximately 40 percent of the state’s annual rainfall in 24 hours.

Photo: PGR

Three men died while the search continues for three missing women near Culiacán. There were at least 13,000 hectares of damaged crops across the 11 affected municipalities.

Troops from the Secretariat of National Defense will move to Sinaloa to support the cleaning and reconstruction work in the municipalities damaged by the torrential rains.