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Governor of Coahuila offers 10 million reward for capture of killers

Coahuila, Mexico — A ten-million-peso reward is being offered to anyone able to provide information leading to the arrest of two men wanted for the murder of a PRI candidate.

The governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, made the offer public hoping someone will be come forward with information in the death of federal deputy PRI candidate Fernando Purón.

At a press conference, the governor said that the two thought responsible for the death of Purón are two brothers, Erik and Ignacio Arámbula Viveros. Reports say that a judge has already issued an arrest warrant for both of them for homicide.

According to Vanguardia, the first judge of the Piedras Negras criminal branch issued two arrest warrants against the alleged perpetrators of Purón’s murder.

“My government offers a reward of up to 10 million peso to those who provide true and useful information for the location, detention or apprehension of the Arámbula Viveros brothers.

“My thanks to the collaboration of the federal government and especially for the work that the Office of the Prosecutor did from the first minute of this unfortunate event here in Coahuila,” said the governor.

He said that in coming days, Attorney General Gerardo Guevara Márquez, will share some of the evidence regarding the presumed participation of Erick and José Ignacio in the murder of Fernando Purón.