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Grupo Modelo builds new 14-billion-peso plant in Hidalgo

Apan, Hidalgo — With a cost of 14 billion peso, Cervecería Modelo has built a new processing plant in Hidalgo, making it the state’s largest private investment.

State Governor Omar Fayad said it is the largest private investment in the history of Hidalgo, explaining that the plant is in the testing phase, but adds that it has created more than 6,000 new jobs.

“Hidalgo is the best place to invest,” he said noting that with the arrival of new investments, the government and citizens “are changing the face of the state.”

According to the project, Cervecería Modelo de Apan will have a production capacity of up to 121 million hectoliters per year or 9.25 million 355-milliliter beers a day with growth potential of up to 24 million hectoliters per year, and will provide employment to 1,200 people directly and 5,000 indirectly.

According to the project, the barley used will be purchased from the highland area where at least 15,000 grain producers reside, positively affecting the local economy.

Grupo Modelo expressed its commitment to the environment by saying that the new plant has the best technological innovation for water treatment as well as being completely sustainable.

Carlos Eduardo Lisboa, president of the Middle Americas zone of AB Inbev said that “building an eighth plant in Mexico leaves us satisfied because it not only helps to continue positioning us as brewing leaders, but allows us to push the economy of the region and change the lives of thousands of people.”

Omar Fayad pointed out that the investment of the brewery in the state is the highest registered in the last 10 years. “Together with two other projects to be completed, they total 50 billion peso over a period of 2.5 years.”