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Guatemalan army clash with drug gang at Mexico border, seize plane

Chiapas, Mexico — Alleged members of a cartel clashed with members of the Guatemalan Army at the Chiapas border. The clash has left several dead.

Two people are reported killed and one airplane destroyed in a reported a shoot-out between Guatemalan armed forces and suspected members of a drug cartel. The incident took place a few kilometers from the border with Mexico.

A Specialized Operations Jungle Brigade moved into an areas known as La Norte, which is within the limits of the state of Chiapas after the report of a airplane passing.

Personnel from the Guatemalan army arrived just as the crew and passengers of the aircraft were unloading packages of drugs from the aircraft onto a waiting truck. When they realized the army was near, a confrontation broke out that resulted in a shoot out between the drug lords and army personnel.

Photo: Armadas de Guatemala

During the shootout, two suspected drug traffickers were killed and one person arrested. The arrested man was transferred to authorities. Others involved in the raid fled into the jungle and remain at large.

The army did manage to seize the airplane and two pickup trucks that contained weapons including an assault rifle and several cell phones.