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Guatemalan authorities arrest one of Mexico’s most wanted

Mexico City, Mexico — The Guatemalan government confirmed Wednesday that Mexican national, Jorge Humberto Martínez Cortes, a suspected serial killer who rose to fame with the nickname “El Matanovias”, and who was arrested in an operation by the National Civil Police (PNC) of Guatemala, has been handed over to Mexico.

Guatemalan government spokesman Rodolfo Zelada said that Martínez Cortés “was already expelled from the country and handed over to the Mexican authorities.” He did not say the date and time of the expulsion.

Martínez Cortes was arrested Tuesday morning on a bridge in Río Dulce, a remote village in the eastern Guatemalan department of Izabal on the Caribbean Sea.

The Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior reported yesterday that the Mexican, who was on the run for about seven months, was intercepted and detained by agents of the International Police Division (Interpol) of Guatemala in Río Dulce, an area of the municipality of Livingston near the capital of Izabal.

Meanwhile, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (PGJ CDMX) announced yesterday that it confirmed the Mexican’s arrest in Guatemala, which would request his immediate move to Mexican soil as a probable homicide of two women in 2014 and 2016.

Authorities coordinated with the Federal Police and Interpol Mexico of the PGR, to locate and capture the subject.

The Mexico City police reported that it would coordinate at achieving controlled deportation and execute the arrest warrant against the accused.

Once insured in Mexico, “El Matanovias” will be placed at the disposal of the requesting judicial authority to generate the initial hearing of the criminal procedure.

Martínez Cortes had an Interpol red warning against him for the alleged crimes of femicide in Mexico.

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