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Guerrero congress vote in favor of poppies for medicinal use

Guerero — The state of Guerrero has voted to decriminalized the cultivation of poppies for medicinal purpose.

The move came in a vote by congress in favor of allowing the cultivation. The state of Guerrero approved the bill which will now be presented to the Senate of the Republic. Congress has been working on decriminalizing the use of poppies for medical use since 2015.

The opinion of the joint commissions of Justice and Health was raised in the gallery by Magdalena Camacho Díaz, local deputy of MC, who argued the need to amend the General Health Law, the Federal Criminal Code and the National Code of Criminal Procedures for the purpose of legalizing the cultivation, production and commercialization of papaver sonmiferum or opium poppy for scientific and medicinal purposes.

The legislator mentioned that the prohibitionist tendency of the sowing of the drug has only generated moments of severe crisis of violence for Guerrero and the country.

Camacho said that many poppy producers have expressed an interest in stopping the cultivation of the drug to participate in other activities that would allow them to guarantee support for their families because in some cases, they have been forced to continue in hiding.

That situation has plunged the state into extreme violence, added the deputy, due to the struggle between the groups that try to control the territories in which the poppy is harvested, as well as the routes of transfer and sale.

Taking into account that Guerrero is the largest poppy producer in the country with 60 percent of its land having poppies, it is not uncommon for battles between antagonistic groups of delinquents to occur in a bloody way in this state.

The local legislator considered as a option through the law, to remove poppy farmers from the scheme and start the process with the modification to decriminalize the cultivation.