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Head cartel leader wanted by police killed by someone else

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua — A key figure in the Los Aztecas cartel was shot and killed while traveling in a private vehicle in the state of Chihuahua.

The man who was killed was a main target of police in the state. The Attorney General’s Office of Chihuahua reported that the man identified as Joel René Roque Flores was wanted for the murder of several police.

Police say he was shot dead while traveling in a compact car in the company of a woman in the city of Ciudad Juárez in Chihuahua. He was one of the leaders of the criminal organization Los Aztecas.

“This is one of the priority objectives that the District Attorney had, this person who is named Joel René Roque Flores, alias Renato, had two arrest warrants for various homicides here in Ciudad Juarez and was also being investigated for attacks on civilians by the State Agency of Investigation,” explained Jorge Nava, District Attorney North of Chihuahua.

The murder occurred in the morning on Avenida Paseo Triunfo de la República and Adolfo de la Huerta, where a man shot at him from another vehicle. The shooting occurred until he was killed.

“This person is located within the structure in a very important part, in a core part, which was to precisely organize the killings that had to do with both police and some high impact,” said Jorge Nava.

In the attack, a woman accompanying the alleged criminal leader was wounded. The woman was for medical attention at a nearby hospital.

The Office of the Prosecutor considers that with the death of this criminal leader there will be a decrease in the violent acts that take place in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.