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Helicopters join efforts to quash forest fire set by youths

Coahuila, Coahuila — Two helicopters have joined to fight a forest fire that is believed to have been started by youths roasting corn.

The two helicopters, one from Coahuila and one from the Civil Protection of Nuevo León, are helping to put out flames of a forest fire that has already consumed more than 400 hectares. Over 100  brigades along with the Mexican Army and federal, state and municipal agencies have been trying to create firebreaks to stop the fire from affecting more forested area.

The State helicopter, which has a capacity of 1,000 liters of water and fire retardant, has been dropping over the most critical areas in the Cannon de San Lorenzo in the Sierra de Zapalinamé. The helicopter from Nuevo Leon has been helping to double efforts.

The fire began Sunday after a group of five youths apparently made a bonfire to roast corn in the woods. The fire quickly grew out of control, consuming more than 400 hectares by Sunday evening.

All five have been arrested by the Environmental Police of Saltillo and delivered to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The State Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating the fire. If found guilty, the youths could face jail time.