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Hidalgo rock mine collapse leaves four dead

Dengantzha, Hidalgo — A mine that collapsed Thursday in the state of Hidalgo has officially resulted in the death of at least four.

Governor Omar Fayad confirmed the death of four miners and the continued search for a fifth. The marble and gravel mine, which is located in Dengantzha in the municipality of Francisco I. Madero, Hidalgo, collapsed Thursday after an avalanche of stones came crashing down the hill.

Reports say the miners worked with heavy machinery that day as they always have, however, in a split moment, tons of stone and earth from an adjacent hill turned into an avalanche, which caused the collapse.

He said that at the time of the collapse, eight people were inside, of which three were alive. He explained that several rescue teams were moved to the area to help remove those inside.

“In addition, dogs were sent and between two in the afternoon and eight o’clock at night they managed to rescue two bodies, unfortunately without life. During the early morning, another body without life was rescued and a few minutes ago a fourth lifeless body was recovered.

“We are only looking for one more person with the hope of him being alive,” the governor explained.

He also reported that at around 10:30 p.m., the Mexican Army arrived since it is presumed that there are several geological faults in the hill that could generate new landslides. Therefore, “the area is being controlled so that there are no new victims due to these rock landslides of that hill,” he said.

“In a tragedy of this magnitude comes the caste of Mexicans who are very supportive when we find ourselves in situations like this,” he concluded.