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Hurricane Fabio could bring rains to Mexico’s west coast

The National Meteorological Service has reported that as of Monday morning, a tropical storm named Fabio has developed into a Category 1 hurricane which is located southwest of the coast of Jalisco.

The weather agency stressed that Fabio continues to intensify and is likely to bring rains to the west of the country.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) says that the hurricane is located 950 kilometers southwest of Playa Perula, Jalalisco and 1,155 kilometers south of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California South.

They note that the storm has recorded sustained winds of 110 kilometers per hour and gusts of 140 kilometers per hour, with displacement to the west at 17 kilometers per hour and is slowing moving away from land.

Meteorologists anticipate Fabio will turn into a tropical depression later in the week.

For now, the National Meteorological Service is recommending the general population to take extreme precautions in the areas of the western states for rain, wind and waves (including maritime navigation) and to comply with the recommendations issued by the authorities of the National System of Civil Protection in each region.