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IMSS investing one billion in new hospital beds

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has announced they will invest one billion peso for the purchase of more than 20,000 hospital beds, which will replace half of the existing beds in the medical units and clinics of the Institute.

The general director of the IMSS, Tuffic Miguel says the investment in the new beds is in addition to the 12 hospitals and 40 clinics that are within the infrastructure plan of the current government.

He says that total infrastructure investments are nearly 20 billion peso, which include four hospitals and 17 family medical clinics that have already been inaugurated.

He noted that in the coming months, the hospitals of León and Querétaro will begin operating.

Tuffic Miguel explained that 5.3 billion peso are being invested in medical equipment for Nuevo Leon, Yucatan, Guanajuato and Mexico City. In Jalisco, 1.5 billion is earmarked for medical infrastructure and avant-garde equipment.

He added that a breast clinic is being built in Guadalajara and in Colima,1.2 biliion peso was invested in the construction of the Villa de Álvarez Hospital, among other projects.

Tuffic Miguel, explained during his work tour in Jalisco the decision to invest in new beds was the result of the efficient administration and efficient spending. He says the money will come from the funds collected by the institute, which currently insures nearly 20 million.