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INE sends wrong return address to Mexicans voting abroad

Mexico City, Mexico — The General Council of the National Electoral Institute has acknowledged an error in the guidelines for Mexicans voting abroad.

The General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) says that 181,256 Mexican citizens living abroad will be able to vote in the upcoming July 1 elections, noting that 77,000 of those who have been sent their voters package, have received an error in the return address.

Instead of the recipient being the General Council of the National Electoral Institute, the return addresses are made out to two different people, one of which is Alejandro Sosa Durán who is the Director of Electoral Products and Services of the Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters of the Institute.

The second return address is made out to María de la Paz Lara, another official of the Institute. Another 44,000 voting packages are also noted to have return address errors. They are addressed to be delivered to Avenida Tláhuac 9090 when in fact, they should be returned to Avenida Tláhuac 5502, which is the proper address for the General Council of the National Electoral Institute.

“Apparently it was a mistake in the operational areas of the Institute,” said Enrique Andrade, President of the INE Overseas Vote Commission.

The representatives of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the National Action Party (PAN) demanded that INE authorities correct the error and that measures be taken to avoid confusion among voters and then in the handling of those votes.

Lorenzo Cordova, INE president says, “The point is whether these errors put the entire electoral process at risk or not. And it seems to me that an act of responsibility 33 days before the election is not to exaggerate or make shrill or strident speeches at this point.

“I invite all members of the Council to not let us get caught up in fake news, false news where they try to construct a speech from a recognized error that is being investigated, but that does not affect the process.”