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Inmates kill cartel leader nine days after he’s sent to Altamira prison

Altamira, Tamaulipas — A cartel leader who had recently transferred to the Altamira prison in Tamaulipas was killed behind bars Monday.

The Attorney General’s Office of the state reported that Héctor Adrián Lució Benavides, regional leader of the Gulf Cartel who was referred to as La Yegua, was stabbed to death by two inmates of the Altamira prison in Tamaulipas nine days after being transferred from the state of Nuevo León.

Hector Adrián, 39, reportedly received multiple chest wounds. According to reports from state authorities, two inmates are under investigation for the killing.

The death of Hector Adrián was recorded at 8:00 p.m. Monday. Prison guards say that Hector Adrián was attacked upon returning to his cell. He was taken to the local medical facilities of the penitentiary, but died.

Inside reports say the attack occurred when a prison security guard was subdued by one inmate while an accomplice stabbed Héctor Adrián with a knife.

The prison doctor pronounced Hector Adrián as deceased. The general unit of investigation of the Attorney General’s Office of the state was called in.

The two involved prisoners have been identified as José Manuel N and Maximiano N. Hector Adrián was inside the Altamira prison for just nine days when the attack occurred. He was recently captured in Monterrey by state agents and the Federal Police gendarmerie in Nuevo León and sent to Tamaulipas.