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Italian foreign ministry asks for “urgent solution” to missing Italians in Mexico

Jalisco, Mexico — The case of the three missing Italians in Jalisco has mobilized Italy, where protest marches have been organized demanding an answer to their disappearance.

According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, Italy has asked Mexico for an ”urgent solution” regarding the case of the three Italians who disappeared in Jalisco January 31. Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano expressed “strong concern” to his Mexican counterpart Luis Videgaray in a telephone conversation.

“I personally sensitized him to take care of the urgent solution of the case,” said Alfano.

The Mexican prosecutor’s office confirmed on Monday that it is looking for three other policemen involved in the case in addition to the four already detained. The arrested officers have been accused of having “sold” the Italians to criminals.

The relatives of the Europeans, aged 60, 25 and 29, said they were in Mexico as tourists but authorities determined that they were in the country as businessmen selling energy, welding and tools.

“Minister Videgaray assured me that for the government of Mexico it is a priority to find our compatriots as well as guarantee full justice for those involved,” the Italian foreign minister stressed.

“The Mexican prosecutor’s office continues to investigate the case to identify those responsible for the crime (…) and ordered the arrest of the municipal police chief, the person who gave orders to his subordinates,” said Alfano.

“They assured me that the government and the judicial authorities will do everything possible to resolve the case,” he added.

In a pubic interview, Francesco Russo, son of one of the disappeared said, “They sold them for 43 Euros, something monstrous.”

People held a rally at the stadium in Naples with an immense sign calling for the release of the three Italians being held in Mexico.

“Let them tell us where they are. We hope they are alive,” said Gino Bergamé, spokesperson for the Russo family.