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Jalisco judge sentences Saul Solis Solis to 40 years

Jalisco, Jalisco — A judge in Jalisco has sentenced Saul Solis Solis, a former director of public safety, to 40 years in prison.

The Fourth District Judge in the criminal proceedings in the State of Jalisco sentenced Saul Solis Solis noting him as one of the top lieutenants of the Knights Templar. Solis Solis was sentenced for his extensive involvement in organized crime.

In Setptember of 2011, Solis Solia was arrested for controlling the planting and harvesting of narcotics, drug trafficking and management of clandestine laboratories, extortions, kidnappings and killings in the municipalities of Huacana, Ario de Rosales, New Urecho, and Turicato Tacambaro, Mich., as well as in the State of Mexico.

During 2003 to 2005, Saul Solis Solis served as Director of Public Safety Turicato, Mich. He has been linked to several attacks on the facilities of the Federal Police in the municipalities of Lazaro Cardenas, Uruapan, Morelia and Apatzingan, Mich., in December of, 2009.

He was found to be one of the men responsible for the aggression against military personnel by members of his criminal group in May of 2007, in Carácuaro, Mich., where one Colonel and four troop elements lost their lives.