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Jalisco policeman delivers baby in middle of street

Tonalá, Jalisco — A woman on her way to hospital to deliver ended up giving birth in the middle of the street with the help of a policeman.

During the early hours of Monday morning, a woman on her way to hospital was unable to finish the journey due to early labor, and instead, gave birth in the street. While waiting for an ambulance, the woman was accompanied by a local police officer.

Unable to resist the labor pains any longer, Pedro, the police officer, delivered the baby in the street. The baby boy was born at the intersection of Periférico Oriente and Juárez in the neighborhood of Coyula.

A neighbor managed to capture the moment on video. Moments after the baby arrived, so did paramedics who took both mother and baby to hospital. Both were reported to be in excellent health.

The Public Security Commissariat of Tonalá reported that it will recognize the official’s work. Through their Twitter account, the Tonalá Police Department said “In response to a citizen request made through WhatsApp, we share the following video, which shows the moments that were experienced when attending to the delivery on a public road.”