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Jose Meade speaks in Cancun, says corrupt would be punished to maximum law

Cancun, Q.R. — During his recent campaign in Cancun, presidential candidate José Antonio Meade proposes tougher penalties for the corrupt, suggesting transparencies and maximum jail time.

That is why today I propose to the Mexicans a reform initiative, so that the corrupt and delinquent pay their penalty and return the money and the illicitly obtained goods, he said in a public statement in the tourist resort city of Cancun Friday.

“My work explains what I am and what I have. I can prove what I live and how I have obtained it and in it there has never been any simulation. For education and conviction, I am against all forms of corruption, particularly if it comes from those who should serve society, “said the presidential candidate before the media.

Regarding the confiscation of property and money, Meade Kuribreña explained that the proposed legislation implies that people who have committed acts of corruption will have the obligation to demonstrate that their assets are lawful and, in contrary, they would be seized immediately.

“The mechanism is simple: those who can not explain the origin of their assets will lose them for the benefit of the State’s obligations,” for which the qualification of specialized prosecutors would be envisaged to exercise the domain extinction in an agile, balanced and fair manner.

Meade said  whoever abuses the trust of the people while within the public service will feel the full weight of the law, as the social fabric is fragmented with acts of corruption and the the only way to rebuild it is under the protection of the law and through the return of the goods that were diverted.

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