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Judge rules dealing with prison overcrowding, violence is obligation of state

Mexico City, Mexico — In an attempt to deal with violence and over crowding, a judge has ordered the state to make adjustments and build more prisons if necessary.

The move comes after Judge Jorge Arturo Camero Ocampo said that it was the obligation of the state to guarantee inmates conditions for a dignified life. He has ordered capital authorities to make adjustments to prisons and if necessary, build more to combat overcrowding.

The ruling was handed down after the Undersecretary of the Penitentiary System filed an Amparo when it was ordered to deal with the overcrowding and overpopulation in capital prisons. They argued that the overpopulation problem was 14.40 percent as of March of this year, and not 61.51 percent overcrowded as reported by a previous court.

However, according to Judge Jorge Arturo Camero Ocampo, it is the State’s obligation to guarantee inmates the conditions for a dignified life, something that has not been fulfilled since in the judicial reports and inspections it has been noted that there is an overpopulation of 61.51 per 100 in capital prisons.

The ruling orders the state to readjust the men’s prisons in all regions including the Penitentiary of Santa Martha Acatitla and/or the construction of new detention centers.