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Kellogg’s de México won’t exit over elections like Venezuela

Mexico City, Mexico — In the face of the upcoming Mexico elections, the Kellogg’s company says it will maintain its investments and presence in the country.

The global company said that unlike it’s exit from Venezuela, they will remain fully invested in Mexico adding that their presence in the country is not linked to the outcome of the elections. They added that their departure from Venezuela was an independent case with specific characteristics of the context of that country.

John Gallego, marketing director of Kellogg’s noted that the company is “focused on forward growth with investments” in Mexico and “the situation is timely in that Venezuela was specific with no relationship between Kellogg’s and Latin America.

“Kellogg’s is committed to Latin America and specifically to Mexico. It is an important market in which we compete and we have total commitment to the market and growth,” he added.

“Kellogg’s de México is a solid company with a long presence in the Mexican market. It is a company with deep roots and particularly its brands enjoy being leaders in the cereal market, as well as in Latin America where we have solid leadership.

“The company in Mexico is growing and we expect solid growth. It is a reality for the food sector in general that we are in a moment of changes due to the consumption of products, habits, and breakfast is not an exception. The new generations and the habit of sitting at the table is changing in many ways,” he explained.

Gallego stressed that the category of cereals grows between 4 percent and 5 percent each year, and that Kellogg’s maintains a constant gain in market shares. “The area that is growing is what we call children and relatives. They are the segments that grow the most, close to double digits,” he said.