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Large sinkhole appears overnight along Merida street

Merida, Yucatan — Neighbors along a street in Merida were woken to a loud noise that was the result of an opening in a roadway.

The opening, which resembles a large sinkhole, is more than four meters across. The hole was discovered by officials after neighbors reported seeing it when they were woken by the loud noise.

The massive hole appeared between 28th and 29th streets in the Garcia Ginerés neighborhood in Merida. City officials were quick to arrive to take photos and investigate the large gap.

Alfonso Arjona Santana, deputy director of Land Roads of the municipality says that the hole opened above an underground cave system, adding that they layer of payment on top naturally gave way due to age and rains.

He noted that since the hole appeared during the early morning hours, there were no reports of injuries to people or damage to vehicles. The city is in the process of excavating the hole for proper repairs.