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López Obrador outlines priority projects for his government

Mexico City, Mexico — The government of president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will allocate 500 billion peso in seven priority “urgent attention” projects for the first year of his administration.

“We are going to allocate around 500 billion peso for programs that we call priority. Those resources are going to be met with the money that we are going to save due to the reduction of senior official salaries.

“There is going to be an austere government, consolidated purchases, that is to say, the government is not going to make expensive purchases. Corruption is not going to be allowed which will give us the budget,” he announced.

After five hours of meetings with his economic team and communications led by Carlos Urzúa and Javier Jiménez Espriú, López Obrador announced that before his government begins, work on these projects will start which include a two-month consultation to determine the future of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

The priority projects of this first stage of the new government are a railway for containers from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to Coatzacoalcos and the Mayan tourist train that would go from Cancun to Palenque passing through Tulum and Calakmul.

It will also include the construction of 300 rural roads in Oaxaca and Guerrero where there are municipalities without paved roads, from which 50,000 jobs will be generated.

Another of the priority projects is the network that will connect the Internet to the whole country and the reconstruction program from the September 2017 earthquakes.

In the case of the NAIM, he announced the calendar for a citizen consultation will determine the future of the work. He added that the technical report of this project will be put to public opinion in mid-August and from that date until October 15, they will open a period of debate to determine the direction of the NAIM.

“It is an important and delicate issue. It involves making decisions that claim money from Mexicans. To not make mistakes, the best thing to do is to ask, the town is wise,” he said.

López Obrador said that in the coming days, the more information on the consultation process will be provided.

The future Secretary of Communications and Transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú, said that businessman José María Riobóo will participate as an advisor on the airport issue, attending the analysis tables together with federal government officials.

Grupo Riobóo participated in the bidding processes of the NAIM, but was not hired. López Obrador then invited them to “find an alternative, cheaper and less complex solution that would serve as a new airport center for the country, which could provide the required services with less investment “.

Lopez Obrador said that Riobóo will not be an investor in the supposed scenario of winning the Santa Lucia option.