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López Obrador says he will end corruption with Ricardo Monreal

Mexico City, Mexico — President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, says he has talked with Ricardo Monreal, senator-elect in the legislative house and that together, they intend to end corruption.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president-elect met with Ricardo Monreal, candidate for the Coordination of the Parliamentary Group of Morena in the Upper House, to discuss the joint agenda between the two federal powers, under the promise of not interfering in autonomy of the Legislative Power.

From his office, the president-elect resigned his respect to the legislative and judicial powers. “There will be division and balance of powers. We are not going to give line to the autonomous powers, the independent powers, but there will be a lot of collaboration because there is identification of the movement that has the purpose of ending corruption and that there is austerity and above all, the ultimate goal is to build justice, well-being, the happiness of the people.”

After meeting privately with his former campaign coordinator, López Obrador reiterated “I will not lead the power of the powers,” as he endorsed Wednesday to the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch.

Ricardo Monreal agreed, saying “We will work together firmly, collaborating with the executive”.