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Los Cabos prison riot leaves one injured, two dead

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur — The attempted escape of six inmates created a riot inside the Social Rehabilitation Center of Los Cabos, which left one injured and two dead including the prison director, Julian Anguiano, state authorities reported.

Reports indicate that the riot and attempted escape of prisoners began around 1:00 p.m. A special anti-riot group entered the prison to confront the armed prisoners. Reports say that inside, some prisoners were found with sub-machine guns and fragmentation grenades that ended in a confrontation between the inmates and the security elements of the prison.

Preliminary information indicates that a man, identified as leader of the revolt, lost his life.

Unofficially, the director of Cereso of San José del Cabo died of a heart attack when three armed men tried to assassinate him during the riot. An official statement is expected by the Undersecretary of Public Security.

Social Communication staff of the State Government confirmed that the situation in the prison is under the control of the security forces, and although they reported that there are injured, the number and severity are still not yet officially specified.

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