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Los Cabos water park shut down for urban planning violation

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur — The municipality of Los Cabos has canceled a new water park where officials say instead, should be a hotel.

The water park, which was closed by municipal authorities even though it was in operation for months, is said to be in an area exclusively for commercial plazas, condominiums, villas or hotels, which violates the urban development planning of the city.

The treasurer of the municipality of Los Cabos, Rigoberto Arce, said that the water park in Cabo San Lucas needed to be removed because it violates the Urban Development Plan.

The official announced that the water park, which was located on Bulevar Constituyentes and Camino Real, was closed by authorities, noting he did not know what authority closed the site but confirmed that the park did violate the urban development plan.

“Yes, it is clear that it is outside the urban development plan so this facility should not be there. I do not know under what scheme it was initially authorized,” he said.

He said that the owner of the water park should look for an adequate space where he will have no problems and is not violating the development planning of the municipality.