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Luis Videgaray Caso says Canadian agreement with US good for Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico –The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray Caso, says that the new agreement reached between Mexico, the United States and Canada provides certainty and positive economic prospects for the country.

“This is good news, it gives us certainty for Mexico in the economy, trade and investment and maintains the integrity of what should be the most competitive region in the world, which is what the three countries conform,” he said in a television interview.

He said the times are set for this new agreement to be signed by President Enrique Peña Nieto, it must still be ratified by the Mexican Senate.

“No ratification is easy. There will be a tense debate, the many arguments of this treaty will have to be explained, but we trust that after an intense debate, the agreement will be ratified not only in the American Congress, but also in the Mexican Congress and in Canada,” he said.

The fact that Canada joined the agreement last minute was on issues of a strictly bilateral nature with the United States, particularly the dairy market, while the trilateral provisions are exactly the same for Mexico, the United States and Canada. “I think it’s a good agreement for the three countries.”

Regarding the steel and aluminum tariffs imposed on Mexico by the United States, he said that it is an issue that will have to be resolved before the signing of the treaty, which means that they have two months.

“There are also tariffs that Mexico has imposed on a set of US products. These are reciprocal measures. It would be a good sign if we can resolve this controversy before the signing of the treaty toward the end of November,” he added.