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Man arrested for murder moments before marrying

San Mateo Cuautepec, Mexico — On his wedding day, a man has been arrested by police for his alleged involvement in the murder of a woman.

Elements of the police from the State of Mexico detained a man just before entering the temple of San Mateo Apóstol in San Mateo Cuautepec where he was to be married. The young man identified as Bryan N, has been accused of being involved in the murder of a 73-year-old woman in April.

According to a report from the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, police agents arrived at the church before the wedding took place and arrested the man who had an outstanding warrant for homicide.

The young man’s bride tried to prevent the arrest, however, the Attorney General says the man did not resist being apprehended.

Bryan N was sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and later transferred to the Cuautitlán prison where he will remain until a judge determines if he was involved in the crime he is accused of.

Bryan N is charged from an incident that occurred on April 25 when an elderly couple was assaulted inside their home during a robbery.

The thieves allegedly beat the couple in their Tultitlán home where the woman died. The 75-year-old husband managed to survive the attack and provide a description of the attackers.