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Man arrested in the murder of Izzi businessman Adolfo Lagos

Otumba, State of Mexico — A man has been arrested in the death of Izzi businessman Adolfo Lagos which occurred in November.

The capture was made by investigative agents of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) who arrested José Alberto “N”, 26, who was served with an arrest warrant. He has been charged with theft as well as attempted murder of the escorts with Lagos at the time.

According to the inquiries made by the FGJEM, it was established that José Alberto “N” apparently participated in the attempt to rob the businessman.

Jose N has been placed at the disposal of the judicial authority in the Penitentiary and Social Rehabilitation Center of Otumba, where he was put before a judge.

An unnamed authority linked him to the process for the crimes of attempted murder and robbery with violence and set a deadline of four months for the closure of investigation, however, he is presumed innocent until a conviction is pronounced against him.

Aldolfo Lagos was shot and killed in November while out riding his bicycle.

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