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Man found drowned after jumping bridge to avoid arrest

Culiacán, Sinaloa – A young man that was running from police has been found. The man, who jumped over a bridge to avoid being caught by police, as been found under the Juarez bridge.

Police have located the body of a man, they say, avoided being arrested by jumping off the Juarez bridge in Culiacán. At approximately 7:14 a.m., the body of 28-year-old Jesus Mario Quiroz Zavala was seen floating under the bridge.

The man flung himself over the bridge into the Tamazula River while fleeing police. According to relatives, the young man threw himself into the water after he was pursued by an agent of the Municipal Police of Culiacan along with another person.

Two young people were traveling on a motorcycle early Thursday morning. When they were stopped by police officers on the Musala bridge, they got off the moto and both threw themselves over the bridge and into the water.

However, one of the men managed to swim to shore and return to his house. Unfortunately, the second man drowned.

“The police did not care. They only thought about taking the motorcycle and they did not do anything to look for the man.” said relatives who criticized Municipal Police for not looking for the man who threw himself into the river.

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