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Man killed in broad daylight on Acapulco beach

Acapulco, Guerrero — A young man has been killed at Caletilla beach in Acapulco in broad daylight. According to the State Police, the body was washed up along the beach in view of locals and tourists after being shot.

The incident occurred Sunday at 11:35 a.m. on Caletilla beach in the city of Acapulco. Elements of the Mexican army secured the beach while police searched the area and removed the deceased from the water.

The Directorate of Social Communication of Guerrero says they arrested a man they allege responsible for the death. The assailant was identified as Jose Luis “N”, a 33- year-old who was found carrying an unmarked 22 mm caliber firearm.

In a statement, Guerrero’s Social Communication department said Jose Luis was arrested and taken to a jail where he told authorities that both he and the other man were fishermen and that they had a dispute over the sale of drugs.

State Police say that the identity of the deceased is still unknown.