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Margarita Zavala leaving PAN for independent presidential candidacy

Mexico’s presidential hopeful Margarita Zavala announced yesterday that she will resign from the National Action Party (PAN), to participate in next year’s electoral process as an independent candidate.

The former first lady of Mexico and her team made the decision to abandon the militancy of PAN since it does not believe that there are conditions to be able to reach the candidacy for the presidency.

Zavala will have to register as an independent candidate before the National Electoral Institute (INE) before Saturday, the deadline for registration. The wife of former President Felipe Calderón will not offer interviews until her official announcement of resignation.

The day before, Zavala said in an interview that she did not rule out going as an independent to the 2018 elections in the event that the Frente Amplio Oppositor did not choose her as a candidate.

At the time, leaders of the Front said it was not yet time to choose the standard bearer to represent them in the presidential election.

But as expected, the politicians reacted to the decision of  Zavala with the president of the National Council of the PRD, Angel Avila Romero, saying that the possible departure of Margarita Zavala National Action is a strategy that divides the opposition.

This method managed to separate the opposition in the recent election of the State of Mexico and benefit the current governor, said the PRD.

“If the departure of Margarita Zavala is confirmed, we will be talking about reaffirming the strategy that comes from the PRI to divide the opposition,” he said.

The PRD indicated that this announcement coincides with the recent external and internal attacks on PAN president Ricardo Anaya.

“I would expect that there would be maturity on the part of  Mrs. Zavala and not reinforce the strategy of the PRI, but that of the opposition, the Front of the Citizen for Mexico,” he said.

Ávila Romero pointed out that all the proposals of both the PAN and other interested parties can be analyzed at the front.

The declarations were made hours after the former lady, Margarita Zavala, announced her separation of National Action, to contend independently. He said none of those who claim to be independent candidates are.

“Independents as such are a fallacy because they may not belong to a political party, but they are not independent of those who chose it,” he said.

The coordinator of the Yo con México foundation in Quintana Roo explained that they have been summoned to Mexico City so that the former lady can explain the reasons why she would be separating from the National Action Party (PAN) and to listen to the members of his team.

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