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Massive fire erupts at Parque Ecológico Xochimilco

Xochimilco, México City — The fire that originated Thursday in the dry grass areas of the Parque Ecológico Xochimilco was controlled, said Mayor José Carlos Acosta.

“We still do not know exactly what caused the fire, but what we know that it started inside the Ecological Park and from there it ran to the pasture area and now to another point toward Ciénega Grande which is opposite the park.

“But the strongest part of the fire is already controlled,” he explained.

The mayor explained that the wind has complicated operations, which took more than three hours of intense work, but said that he situation will be controlled in its entirety.

“We believe that the worst part has already happened, here we are working with the mayor’s office, the neighboring municipalities and the Government of Mexico City,” he said.

The mayor of Xochimilco assured that there are no human victims, however, he stressed that the quantification of environmental damage is still unknown, as it affected pastures, vegetation and trees.

Acosta Ruiz explained that in the place were elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SCC), a command of the Natural Resources Commission (Corena), Urban Services and Civil Protection of Xochimilco, as well as elements of neighboring municipalities such as Tláhuac, Coyoacán and Tlalpan who have sent water pipes.

Several users also reported the fire whose plumes of smoke were perceptible in places located miles away from the area.