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Mayor candidate allegedly flees Mexico after arrest of six in journalist’s death

Tamaulipas, Nuevo Laredo — Six men are being held in custody for the murder of journalist Carlos Dominguez, however a mayor candidate for Nuevo Laredo has allegedly fled Mexico upon the arrests.

A judge from Tamaulipas ordered that the six men arrested last week for the murder of Carlos Domínguez be remanded in custody.

The investigations into the case were made between the PGJT and the Special Prosecutor for the Attention of Crimes Committed against Freedom of Expression under the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) which resulted in the arrest of the six men, two of whom are reported to be active journalists.

According to the statements of Tamaulipas justice attorney Irving Barrios Mojica, David “N” and Adrián “N” were in charge of intercepting Dominguez on January 13. The pair approached the car when it was at a red light and forced him from it where they then assaulted him by stabbing him 21 times.

Rodolfo Jorge Alfredo “N”, Gabriel “N”, Luis Ignacio “N”, Juan Jesús “N” are accused of being involved in the premeditation of the murder.

Carlos Domínguez Ramírez, son of the deceased journalist, is accusing the former mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carlos Cantú Rosas, of the death of his father.

He said that after the arrest of the six subjects, Cantú Rosas, who is a candidate of Morena for mayor of Nuevo Laredo, “fled Mexico with all his family.”