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Meade says Mexico should build a technological border wall

Tijuana, Baja California — Presidential candidate José Antonio Meade said Friday that Mexico should build a “technological wall” between Mexico and the United States.

He says the purpose of such a wall would be to consolidate security and prevent the transfer of American arms and money into Mexico from the US.

“Mexico will build its own wall. A technological wall of innovation. A wall that gives certainty to Mexicans that we will build a border that in terms of weapons and money, is impassable,” explained the PRI presidential candidate.

Meade Kuribreña said that weapons from the United States cause insecurity in Mexico and expressed his rejection of the construction of a wall that “divides”, in reference to the initiative of US President Donald Trump.

Earlier in the week, Michael Workman, director of the San Diego County Communications Office, denied that they had asked President Trump for early construction of the wall between Mexico and the US border city.

Workman’s statement came after Trump claimed that San Diego had asked him to move forward with the construction of the wall on the southern border of the United States.

Donald Trump has insisted on the need for the wall he promised to build along the border to help stop drug trafficking.

The presidential candidate of Todos por México considered that borders should have an autonomous management in the crossings and long-term planning.

“A first step would be for the crossings to be developed together. There the border administration gives autonomy to the development of the crossings to give you better planning space (…)

“The ideal vision is that the border will be managed autonomously,” he said in a forum. The announcement comes days after Trump sends more troops to the US-Mexico border.