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Member of El Chapo family pleads guilty in San Diego court

San Diego, California — A Mexican drug dealer who is a member of the El Chapo family, has plead guilty to drug charges in a San Diego court.

Víctor Manuel Félix of the Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán family, has plead guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States.

The defendant, one of the financial operators of the Sinaloa Cartel, accepted his guilt in a federal court in San Diego before Judge Marilyn Huff. The judge explained that once he completes his sentence in the US “It is almost certain he will be deported to Mexico,” where he still has criminal charges pending.

At the end of the hearing, his lawyer Guadalupe Valencia, clarified that his client “Is not cooperating with the government,” nor does he intend to do so. His guilty plea was based on specific facts that “he did not own the drugs or the money, but was a member of the conspiracy where there were large amounts of money and drugs,” said Valencia.

Víctor Manuel Félix was arrested in 2011 after organizing two shipments of cocaine from Ecuador to Mexico for an undercover agent of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). According to a statement from the US Attorney’s Office, Felix paid $4.5 million USD in cash to an undercover agent to help him transport drugs and money.

The guilty plea comes a day after a judge in New York denied Guzmán Loera’s request to postpone the start of his trial, upholding the November 5th date.