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Men arrested say millions in cash was bound for PRI

Mexico City, Mexico — Two men have been arrested after they were found carrying 20 million peso in cash. When questioned, the pair said the cash was destined for an address belonging to PRI parties.

The Ministry of Public Security of Mexico City says they have arrested two people who were carrying more than 20 million peso in cash. The detainees could not verify the origin of the money, so both were arrested.

According to reports, the detainees were located when they were traveling in a white Lincoln SUV in the downtown area. According to the Police Chief of Staff, the vehicle was stopped for a routine review in coordination with personnel from the Traffic Control Subsecretariat at a Preventive Control Point.

Upon inspection, a black suitcase was found with 20 million peso in cash. The two men are suspects in the probable participation in the crime of resources of illicit origin. They told authorities they were going to the National Executive Committee of the PRI in the Buenavista colony.

The vehicle was not reported as stolen and the registered owner of the truck does not have a record. The PRI rejected the accusation in a statement and asked the authorities to carry out an investigation to determine responsibilities.

Men arrested say millions in cash was bound for PRI

The detainees, vehicle and money were confiscated and handed over to the Attorney General of the Republic.