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Mexican community in UK on hunt for Mrs. Duarte

Members of the Mexican community in the United Kingdom have begun circuiting flyers in search of Karime Macias, the wife of ex-Veracruz governor Javier Duarte.

Outraged after learning she still lives in London, the Mexican community in the UK is filling mailboxes in the affluent neighborhood of Willbraham Mansion, where she has been found. The flyers being distributed are titled, “Wanted, Karime Macias de Duarte”.

The one-page notice also includes three photos of Macias along with a notice that she is wanted by Interpol. The message on the flyer says:

“Javier Duarte, former governor of the Mexican state of Veracruz who was caught in Guatemala after stealing nearly $188.5 million USD of public money. He stole money that was meant to go to the Red Cross, public hospitals, schools, etc.

“His wife, a colluded, had full knowledge of where their family fortune came from, fled to London and now she is your neighbor. She live in 10 Willbraham Place.

“This woman fully took part in the corruption net she and her husband were weaving, they didn’t only steal public money, they gave FAKE MEDICINE TO KIDS WITH CANCER, replacing their chemo with distilled water. Interpol is looking for her. If you see her tel. +33472447163.”

Duarte was arrested in a Guatemala hotel in April of 2017 where he had been with his wife after fleeing Mexico, but she was not detained.

Mexican public auditors said that the irregularities in public funds under Duarte that date back to 2011 were the highest they had ever seen.