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Mexican Foreign Minister asks UN to sign migration pact

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray says they are hoping, that by the end of the year, to have the Global Compact of the UN on protection of migrants and refugees, saying he regrets that the US has abandoned them.

In a press meeting he explained, “We are working (…) to reach the Global Compact for immigration, which will be the first time there will be an instrument of global governance in this important matter.”

Videgaray said that “the Santa Sede and Mexico” have shared the need to respect “the human rights and dignity of migrants” beyond “the legal status they have in the country where they are”.

He regretted that the United States has renounced to be part of the UN Pact, but affirmed that “there is a huge consensus at a global level about the need for an instrument of governance, good practices”.

He considered that this agreement should respect “human rights” have “a clear perspective that serves vulnerable groups, such as children and adolescents,” and establish “the standard of providing basic services, regardless of their immigration status”.

In his opening speech at the recent event, the foreign minister said that Mexico has traditionally been a country of immigrants, but more recently it is becoming a transit state for people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador who want to reach the United States.

We are concerned and occupied with the anti-immigrant policies and expressions that emanate from Washington today. We fully recognize the right that a country like the United States that, as a sovereign nation want to define its own rules, laws and immigration policies,” he admitted.

And he said that the Mexican government is willing to deploy “all its capabilities to defend the dignity and human rights of migrants in the United States.”