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Mexican men spending big on personal care products

Mexico City, Mexico — Men in Mexico are increasingly concerned about their image, which has been reflected in a double-digit increase in the amount they spend on personal care products.

According to Euromonitor International, between 2011 and 2017, the value of the male-care items market grew 54 percent, almost twice that of women, to reach $423 million USD.

The male-care items market is being feed by companies such as Avon, Mary Kay and Jafra, who traditionally were focused on the female audience, but in recent years turned to the male segment with an offer of products ranging from lotions to balms for after shave.

Industry experts say that the business boom responds to the growing demand for these goods by men, who are increasingly aware of the importance of the personal image they project both in their personal and work life.

“The male audience is the segment that has had the highest growth in the last six years, almost doubling its share in the market of products focused on us. I can tell you that before a brand could have between seven or eight products of this nature, now they have more than 15 or 20,” said Carlos Berzunza, general director of the National Chamber of the Cosmetic Products Industry..

It is estimated that between 2016 and 2017, the market value of care products for men will grow 7.5 percent, above the 5 percent expected for women.

José Smeke, president of Mary Kay for the Latin American region, said that the division of toiletries for men is one of the fastest growing, and in the last five years, has gone from almost zero participation to represent 3 percent of your consolidated sales. In addition, the executive estimated that in the next three years the male industry will become 5 percent of their income.

Mari Loli Sánchez-Cano, president of Jafra Mexico, explained that while in 2012 the portfolio of products for the care of man meant 6 percent of the total sales of the company, at the end of this year it will reach 10 percent.

“The importance of Mexico for Jafra is so great that it is the only country in which we have a production plant located in Querétaro, which produces 86 million units per year, of which about 20 million are lost to the export to countries such as Germany, Austria, Argentina and Russia,” explained Sánchez-Cano.

After 25 years in Mexico, last week Mary Kay announced the entry into operation of a distribution center in the State of Mexico, a project in which she disbursed 10 million peso. Now add two complexes to supply their products to the country.

According to Euromonitor, this male personal care market is pulverized in the country and the brands that dominate the segment are Gillette with 12.3 percent, Jafra with 6.2, Ax 6.1 percent, while Rexona and Ego own 4.5 and 4.1 percent. one hundred, respectively.

Mary Kay is located at number 13 and Avon at number 28, according to the market agency.

Exports of shaving products doubled in the last five years, both in volume and value.

In the first case, the amount tripled in the first eight months of 2017 compared to the same period of 2012, reaching one thousand 244 tons, according to the Internet Tariff Information System.

While its value expanded 109.3 percent in the same period to reach $7.3 USD.

“The industry has a favorable trade balance with the exterior, being Mexico importer of fragrances and cosmetics, many of which belong to the category of selective beauty and which are marketed by department stores,” said Berzunza.

He added that the main products that the country exports to the international market are creams, shampoos and articles for shaving.

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