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Mexican military recovers 32,000 liters of stolen Pemex fuel

Heroica Veracruz, Veracruz — More than 32,000 liters of stolen Pemex fuel has been recovered in two municipalities of Veracruz by the Mexican military.

Elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) assigned to the project have said that after an investigative operation against the huachicoleros, the name given to those who steal petro products by tapping pipeslines throughout various parts of the country, they recovered the fuel.

The Attorney General’s Office says that through three searches, they were able to recover 32,700 liters of stolen state petro, which is known as huachicol. They say the investigations were carried out in three separate searches in the municipalities of Veracruz and Pánuco.

The searches were the result of complaints filed by the Secretariat of National Defense, Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico and the State Secretariat of Public Security. The Public Ministry complied with the proceedings using military agents whose first discovery was 29,900 liters in a building in the municipality of Pánuco.

In a second operation military agents located 68 drums that contained 1,349 liters each of fuel in the port of Veracruz. In another municipality of Veracruz, state police discovered 41 plastic drums, which contained a total of 821 liters of hydrocarbon.

The fuel was secured and made available to Petróleos Mexicanos.

Petro pipeline theft is an ongoing problem throughout Mexico with huachicoleros tapping into isolated pipelines and siphoning fuel to sell.

In March, eight more Pemex employees in Heroica Veracruz were released from their positions for being linked to a network that alters valves to steal oil from pipelines.