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Mexican Navy arrests 14, seizes nearly a ton of cocaine off Acapulco coast

Acapulco, Guerrero — Navy officials have arrested 14 and seized nearly one ton of cocaine along with thousands of liters of fuel off the coast of Acapulco.

The Navy of Mexico says they apprehended 14 people and seized almost one ton of cocaine and 1,750 liters of fuel off the coast of the popular port city. The seizure reportedly occurred Wednesday when Navy officials detected criminal activity in the area.

A maritime surveillance operation was established that included surface and aerial units to keep an eye out for the anticipated activity. Their surveillance detected two suspicious Eduardoño-type vessels, which was reported by an oceanic patrol and resulted in the interception of the vessel.

On board, eight people were arrested, four of whom were of Mexican origin. Four others were reported to be of Ecuadorian nationality. Officials also said they found one deceased body aboard the boat that they believed to be of Mexican nationality.

The second vessel was secured in the southwest of Acapulco, where six people on board were arrested, three of whom said they were Mexican nationals, two Ecuadorians and one Colombian national.

Mexican navy officials reported they confiscated 30 900-kilo bags of cocaine as well as 35 containers of 750-liters of fuel.

Those arrested were left to the Agents of the Public Ministry of the Federation in Acapulco, Guerrero. The body of the deceased was delivered to the Forensic Service for proper proceedings.