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Mexican Navy unveils new vessel, Pola

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca — Mexico is about to put its new ship to the test with the assembly of the Long Range Oceanic Patrol or Pola. The ship, which belongs to the Mexican Navy, is currently in the shipyard at Salina Cruz undergoing final assembly.

Long Range Oceanic Patrol is not only the first ship of its kind in Latin America, it is also 100 percent Mexican-made with material and labor. Once complete, the 107-meter-long vessel will be a multipurpose ship for the country’s navy-men.

The navy says Pola has the capacity to travel at 20 knots or a speed equivalent to 50 kilometers per hour with a range of 20 days at sea. She is able to carry a crew of 122 and accommodate a heliport for high-capacity models such as the Seahawk and the LH90.

Pola also has combined propulsion that allows better performance and maneuverability compared to other navy vessels.