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Mexican senate says Trump behavior intolerable, urges end to bilateral relationship

Mexico City, Mexico — The senate of Mexico is demanding respect from US president Donald Trump, calling his behavior intolerable, adding it is necessary to suspend their bilateral relationship.

In an unanimous vote, the plenary session of the senate approved the pronouncement in which it urges Mexico to suspend the bilateral relationship with Washington regarding migration.

The Senate of the United States of Mexico expresses its firm rejection in the offensive and unfounded way in which President Donald Trump expresses himself against Mexico and the Mexican people, as well as against his immigration policy, his intention to build a wall and militarize the common border and has requested a review of the bilateral relationship.

The president of the Senate, Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, stressed that unanimously, the Senate plenary session approved the pronouncement and instructed that it be immediately delivered to the recipients which include the Office of the President of the United States, each of the US congressmen, as well as the Secretary of Foreign Relations.

The president of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Laura Rojas Hernández, read the operative paragraphs of the pronouncement that is extended to the US Congress:

“In spite of everything that is at stake in the relationship between our countries, the way in which President Donald Trump has behaved toward the Mexican people as a whole is unacceptable and intolerable,” the Senate declared.

The Senate says that in the renegotiation of the FTA, the government of Trump “Has exercised a strategy contrary to collaboration and good faith, putting at risk the continuity and improvement of an instrument that for three decades, has brought benefits to both countries.”

The plenary session applauded each of the points Rojas Herández read, the first of which was that “The Senate of the Republic demands from President Donald Trump respect for the people of Mexico.”

The Senate “Condemns unfounded and offensive expressions about Mexico and Mexicans and demands the treatment required by the relationship between neighboring countries, partners and allies.”

Also the senate, “Categorically rejects the intention of President Donald Trump to militarize the border with Mexico and considers such actions as another grievance.”

The Senate “Asks the government of the republic to suspend bilateral cooperation with the United States of America in terms of migration, and fight against transnational organized crime as long as President Donald Trump does not conduct himself with the civility and respect that the people of Mexico deserve.”

She recalled that during his political campaign, Trump broadly described Mexicans as rapists and criminals.

She argued that the bilateral relationship is strategic for both countries and deals with a multitude of issues whose adequate attention depends on the security and prosperity of millions of people on both sides of the border.

“Our nations are deeply linked by our social and political connections, as well as by economic integration. We share a border of more than 3,000 kilometers with 58 points of entry for which every day, approximately 1 million people cross in a documented manner in both directions,” she said.

She added that more than 35 million people of Mexican origin live in the United States and 1 million people of American origin live in Mexico. In 2017, bilateral trade between both countries was more than $521 billion USD.

“Derived from our neighborhood, Mexico and the United States we share both common benefits and challenges that only with a better relationship and greater cooperation, will we be able to face successfully. That is why in recent years, we have worked together in various areas, including security, migration, development and trade,” she explained.

The pronouncement comes after an announcement by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen, that Trump will sign an order March 5 to deploy the National Guard along the US-Mexico border.